The Weir Quay Community Watersports Hub Club AGM will take place in the Boat Shed at the Hub Club site on 8th September 2021 starting at 7:30 pm.

This is the Annual Report from the Hub Club Chairman, Graham Reed:

Dear fellow Directors and Members

It is difficult to encapsulate the activities for this past year ‘thanks’ to the Covid disruption. For much of 2020, the Hub Club and Member clubs were in – Rip van Winkle land.

It is heartening to see the resurgence of rowing and sailing from this Spring. Without it, club members might have felt despondent about value for money as users of the facilities.

A good initiative was the placing of a Defibrillator on the front of the Boat Shed  – lets’ hope that it is underused.

It is equally depressing to see how overgrown the site has become! It is however, an opportunity to see each other for a much needed set of work parties.

Thanks goes to Steve Kirby and team for reaching the point where the installation of the heating and shower systems can proceed during the coming months.

The finances are in good shape in the hands of Jane and Jim has kept the paperwork in hand. We have to say farewell to Robin Musgrave who is retiring as a Director of the Gig Club. Thanks to Robin for all of your efforts and support.

The key tasks for the two Clubs are to maintain and improve the site along with the disposition of the boats and equipment, along with a working party to complete the inside of the Boat Shed. There are sufficient funds to complete the showers and toilets and some for starting to improve the land to the south of the building.

It seems likely that the relentless pace of Covid19 will preclude any large gatherings, which is a great shame, as I think that social events are essential to help refresh the spirit of the Hub Club as a focus for all members.

Cody Sailing Club has been approved to make use of the Boat Shed showers and toilets during their 10-day sailing camp at Weir Quay next year. I welcome this move, as it will bring in a donation to the Hub Club whilst helping to entrench our aims of Community Engagement. Thank you to Rosie Hinge (Secretary of WQSC) for your work on this matter.

I thank all my fellow directors and hope that circumstances will support future efforts to expand the usage of such a valuable asset to our community.